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Down (Marian Hill)

by Brady Paron |

You might've heard this crisp AF track from Marian Hill on the recent AirPods commercials. This duo hailing from Philly released their first full-length album in 2016, and it's all pretty great. ACT ONE is start to finish full of tracks that are well-produced and are unapologetically simple, which is what give them the crisp and sultry sound that you hear on "Down". 

The opening track, "Down", starts with a curious riff on the keys before vocalist Samantha Gongol comes in. Her voice is simple, beautiful, expressive. And after two quick verses, the voice of Jeremy Lloyd enters through neatly produced beats (read: he's not actually singing, but his beats are good - ha). 

Aside from the simple and intentional sound of this track, the lyrics are contrasting. It's quiet, but it's a proposition: "There's so many bodies on the floor / So baby we should go and add some more". And as the song progresses, ("I don't really think that we should fight this / What if we don't stop until it's light?") the beat continues longer. 

It also evokes that feeling of being in a complete daze on some sweaty dance floor while the world happens around you. 

Regardless of all of this - the beat on this track is good, and the whole album is a great listen. If you like tight, cleanly produced tracks, I think you'll like this.


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